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Before joining GB News, Tom Harwood’s journalism and commentary was regularly featured in a wide variety of media; on TV, in print, on the radio, and online. Tom’s work has also been featured in a plethora of national broadsheets, tabloids, and influential websites.

From Spring 2021, Tom will be a staple component of GB News political reporting – the channel will be available on Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView, Freesat, mobile, online and audio.


1 December Mail Plus Sir Keir Starmer’s gloves are off… now the Tories need to punch back – and stop banging on about Brexit

24 November Mail Plus Your enemies smell blood, so stop the self-inflicted bungles, Boris – and get on with your job!

19 November CapX Cannabis legalisation is a huge opportunity – we mustn’t let it go to pot

18 November Mail Plus Being a constituency MP IS a part time job for big name politicians of ALL parties

11 November Mail Plus Forget the extremists – we need to have MORE not fewer children to beat climate change!

9 November CapX Is Greta Thunberg a secret climate change denier?

6 November BBC Radio 4 Any Questions

4 November Mail Plus The Government’s handling of the Owen Paterson affair could barely have been handled more incompetently. It’s weakened the PM’s ability to govern

1 November Mail Plus A farcical rail meltdown might have left climate activists forced to fly, but Britain still leads the way when it comes to carbon!

27 October Mail Plus Rishi, the Tory Jekyll and Hyde: How the Chancellor’s ‘Brexity Blairism’ budget throws fiscal constraint to the wind

14 October Mail Plus “Pregnant women and paramedics blocked, drivers forced to become vigilantes – it’s time these M25 eco warriors were safely ‘insulated’ behind bars”

12 October Mail Plus “Londoners want our night Tube back but Sadiq Khan and union dinosaurs would rather keep pointless, overpaid drivers in work elsewhere”

27 September Mail Plus “Angela Rayner’s ‘Tory scum’ insult tells us little about the Conservatives but a lot about the toxic state of floundering Labour”

16 September Mail Plus “Big hitters who mean business: Boris’ reshuffled Cabinet will build Britain back better”

9 September Mail Plus “Taxing the young is a bad idea, Boris, and pouring billions into the bottomless NHS pit won’t win you the bidding war with Labour either”

11 September Mail Plus “Don’t cry for Geronimo the bleating time-bomb. The altruistic alpaca died so others can live – and will live on as an internet icon”

24 August Mail Plus “Let’s call these pious Extinction Rebellion ‘activists’ by their real name: terrorists. And call in the police”

18 August Mail Plus “To ban the burqa would be as bad as enforcing its use”

16 August Mail Plus “Don’t be deceived by his Disney-like cuteness, Geronimo the alpaca is a potential mass killer and has to die now”

22 July Mail Plus “Sorry, but now is NOT the time for a bumper NHS pay rise”

19 July Mail Plus “Hands, face, space is a useless slogan against this airborne disease. How about ‘open a bloody window’ instead?”

15 July Mail Plus “Yes, let’s weed out the racist trolls, but we MUST recognise Britain has come a long way in the fight against discrimination”

16 June Mail Plus “GB News is shaking up the stale, metropolitan news agenda – no wonder left-wing mobs are trying to cancel us”

05 April Mail Plus “If we don’t get our freedom back on June 21, people will rightly feel betrayed”

29 March TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

26 March Mail Plus “The jealous EU should stop trying to give us Brits a bloody nose – and try learning from us instead”

23 March Mail Plus “We can’t let the EU send us back into lockdown – it’s time to shut the border with Europe”

22 March TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

16 March Mail Plus “Forget the EU! To tackle neo-communist China, Britain needs new friends”

15 March TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

08 March TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

05 March The Telegraph “The Chancellor must stick to his guns on nurses’ pay”

01 March TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

26 February The Telegraph “By clobbering businesses with taxes, Rishi Sunak is ceding the intellectual argument to Labour”

22 February TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

19 February The Telegraph “Keir Starmer’s ‘blank slate’ strategy just isn’t working”

15 February TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

13 February SVT Foreign Office “Discussing UK vaccine success on Swedish television”

11 February The Telegraph “People railing against border closures are making a fourth lockdown more likely”

10 February BBC Radio 2 “Discussing Border Policy on The Jeremy Vine Show”

08 February TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

01 February TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

28 January The Telegraph “The socialist prime minister of Portugal is on a mission to level down his country”

25 January TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

22 January The Telegraph “Good news from Nissan provides more proof that Brexiteers were right”

18 January TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

15 January The Telegraph “Labour Remainers still can’t grasp how self-governance works”

11 January TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

08 January The Telegraph “The Republican Party must follow Labour’s deradicalisation attempts”

07 January Fox News Radio “One last push and our misery could be over – the Government must make this lockdown count”

05 January The Telegraph “One last push and our misery could be over – the Government must make this lockdown count”

04 January 2021 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”


29 December 2020 Times Radio “Paper Review”

28 December 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

24 December 2020 The Telegraph “Brexiteers almost lost everything – now they have almost won everything”

21 December 2020 The Telegraph “Britain is being punished for alerting the world to a new crisis”

14 December 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

13 December 2020 The Telegraph “No Deal unleashes a raft of economic opportunities. It’s up to us to embrace them”

10 December 2020 Times Radio “Political Commentary”

08 December 2020 The Telegraph “Vaccine V-Day is a gamechanger for those trapped in Covid purgatory”

07 December 2020 Times Radio “Paper Review”

07 December 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

04 December 2020 The Telegraph “We can only meet our green targets by doing the exact opposite of what’s in XR’s manifesto”

03 December 2020 Times Radio “Paper Review”

01 December 2020 The Telegraph “By abstaining on the lockdown vote, Starmer has condemned Labour to irrelevance”

30 November 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

23 November 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

20 November 2020 The Telegraph “As the Pogues’ row shows, an irate minority has been given powers it does not deserve”

16 November 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

13 November 2020 TalkRADIO “Starmer Should Apologies for Obstructing Brexit”

09 November 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

08 November 2020 The Telegraph “US election deniers are behaving like diehard Remainers”

03 November 2020 Times Radio “Paper Review”

02 November 2020 The Telegraph “Whoever wins this Presidential race, the Left has already lost”

02 October 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

25 October 2020 The Telegraph “Mark Drakeford’s barmy Wales power grab exposes deep flaws in devolution”

20 October 2020 Times Radio “Paper Review”

20 October 2020 BBC Radio 2 “Discussing Manchester Lockdown”

19 October 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

16 October 2020 The Telegraph “The nation’s mental health will not survive another lockdown”

12 October 2020 TalkRADIO “Harwood’s Headline”

09 October 2020 The Telegraph “Why does the fawning media let Nicola Sturgon get away with Scotland’s Covid failure?”

06 October 2020 The Telegraph “The Tories are still failing to lay a glove on Starmer’s Labour”

05 October 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

05 October 2020 BBC Radio 5 Live “Discussing Trust in Government with Polly Toynbee”

28 September 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

25 September 2020 The Telegraph “Scotland’s imprisonment of students is extreme and dehumanising”

21 September 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

18 September 2020 The Telegraph “Remainers like Keir Starmer opened the dangerous door to Scottish separatism”

15 September 2020 TalkRADIO “Political friendships discussion”

14 September 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

11 September 2020 BBC Radio 5Live “Debating Extinction Rebellion”

08 September 2020 The Telegraph “The complacent EU will only have itself to blame for No Deal”

07 September 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

07 September 2020 BBC Radio 2 “Discussing the UK Internal Market Bill on the Jeremy Vine Show”

04 September 2020 The Telegraph “For the sake of liberalism, the Conservatives cannot let Tony Abbott be Scrutoned”

03 September 2020 MailOnline “Ambulance on emergency call is caught in Extinction Rebellion traffic jam as protesters block Parliament in London and try to storm Cardiff’s new BBC building”

31 August 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

27 August 2020 The Telegraph “After abandoning liberalism and democracy, what is the point now of the Liberal Democrats?”

20 August 2020 TalkRADIO “The Ian Collins Show”

19 August 2020 The Telegraph “This Presidential race is far from over. Far-Left Democrats may yet alienate Middle America”

18 August 2020 The Telegraph “Teacher predictions are a lamentable substitute for real exams”

17 August 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

12 August 2020 The Telegraph “What business is it of Ben & Jerry’s to virtue signal on Twitter about illegal immigration?”

10 August 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

7 August 2020 ConservativeHome “Implementing the Planning White Paper will stem the tide of young people turning to Labour”

7 August 2020 The Telegraph “Boris Johnson needs Reaganite resolve to take on the teaching unions”

30 July 2020 Times Radio “Paper Review”

27 July 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

22 July 2020  BBC Radio 2 “The Jeremy Vine Show”

21 July 2020 The Telegraph “The Russia report has forced Remainer cranks to find new conspiracy theories”

20 July 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

16 July 2020 TalkRADIO “Discussing Shamima Begum”

13 July 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

10 July 2020 Times Radio “Week in Review”

10 July 2020 The Telegraph “Nicola Sturgeon is using nationalism to deflect from Scotland’s Covid fiasco”

6 July 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

29 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

25 June 2020 The Telegraph “Rebecca Long-Bailey’s sacking has triggered a vicious new phase in Labour’s civil war”

24 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

22 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

19 June 2020 The Telegraph “It is a mark of Keir Starmer’s ineptitude that the Tories are still ahead in the polls”

17 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

15 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

12 June 2020 The Telegraph “Real issues are being ignored in this farcical culture war”

10 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

10 June 2020 Good Morning Britain “Discussing Controversial Statues”

8 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

1 June 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

29 May 2020 The Telegraph “No 10’s refusal to bend to pressure over Cummings is a warning to Brussels”

27 May 2020 BBC Northern Ireland “Stephen Nolan Live”

27 May 2020 TalkRADIO “Responding to Liaison Committee”

26 May 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

25 May 2020 Radio 5 Live “Discussing Dominic Cummings before his statement”

25 May 2020 BBC 1 “Discussing Dominic Cummings before his statement”

25 May 2020 The Telegraph “Keir Starmer’s brazen hypocrisy over Cummings”

25 May 2020 BBC Breakfast “Discussing media hypocrisy around Dominic Cummings”

25 May 2020 Good Morning Britain “Discussing Dominic Cummings”

24 May 2020 BBC Radio 5 Live “Discussing Dominic Cummings on the Stephen Nolan show”

24 May 2020 BBC 1 “Discussing Dominic Cummings Before the Downing Street Briefing”

22 May 2020 BBC Radio 5 Live “Discussing Dominic Cummings with Alastair Campbell and Owen Jones on the Stephen Nolan show”

22 May 2020 The Telegraph “Covid proves we urgently need a new quango bonfire, starting with Public Health England”

19 May 2020 The Telegraph “Virtual Parliament is a shambolic insult to British democracy”

18 May 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

12 May 2020  The Telegraph “Nicola Sturgeon’s confused coronavirus messaging is putting lives at risk”

11 May 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

11 May 2020  The Telegraph “The Left’s hysterical ‘confusion’ over No 10’s plan is utterly transparent”

4 May 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

30th April 2020 BBC Radio 2 “Discussing the Potential Lockdown Wind Down Trials on The Jeremy Vine Show”

29th April 2020 The Telegraph “The BBC’s unforgivably Trot-dominated Panorama shows why we need transparency”

27th April 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

20th April 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

13th April 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

9th April 2020 The Sun How Brexit is affected by COVID-19

6th April 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

3rd April 2020 BBC Radio 2 “Discussing the Government’s Response to Coronavirus on The Jeremy Vine Show”

31st March 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Now is the time to liberalise Sunday trading laws”

30th March 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

23rd March 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

23rd March 2020 Free Market Conservatives “The government’s economic response to the Coronacrisis is necessary, but the measures must be temporary”

19th March 2020 The Telegraph “We cannot let these authoritarian coronavirus measures become the new normal”

17th March 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Post-Corona, the Tories will have to buck up their budget ideas”

16th March 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

10th March 2020 Free Market Conservatives “When will the Left finally realise that money alone cannot win elections?”

9th March 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

2nd March 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

2nd March 2020 Sky News “Tom Harwood Discusses the Government’s Response to Coronavirus on Sky With Faiza Shaheen”

2nd March 2020 Free Market Conservatives “The government must not give in to the agenda of civil servants like Sir Philip Rutnam”

28th February 2020 Sky News “Week In Review”

26th February 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

26th February 2020 Good Morning Britain “Debating Chlorine Rinsed Chicken”

25th February 2020 Free Market Conservatives “In the race for the White House, Bernie Sanders is the Dems’ worst option – and Hillary Clinton created him”

24th February 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

22nd February 2020 Sky News “Press Preview”

20th February 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel – on Labour leadership, Climate Change, Trump, and Dominic Cummings”

18th February 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Rishi Sunak Must Make His Mark By Resisting Siren Calls For Short Term Profligacy”

17th February 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Panel”

14th February 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Week in Review”

10th February 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Are the Corbynites finally losing their grip on Labour?”

9th February 2020 Sky News “Tom Harwood on Labour Leadership Race with Grace Blakeley”

7th February 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Week in Review”

6th February 2020 Sky News “Press Preview with Tom Harwood and Ash Sarkar”

4th February 2020 Free Market Conservatives “The government should quietly drop its proposed Digital Services Tax”

31st January 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Week in Review”

27th January 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Miserable Remainer Responses to Brexit Celebrations Show Why They Lost”

25th January 2020 Sky News “Paper Review with Tom Harwood and Rachel Shabi”

24th January 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Week in Review”

24th January 2020 The Telegraph “Slippery Lisa Nandy will struggle to win over the no-nonsense North”

20th January 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Labour’s first leadership hustings revealed a party detached from reality”

17th January 2020 TalkRADIO “Political Week in Review”

17th January 2020 Sky News “Week in Review”

14th January 2020 Free Market Conservatives “2020 is proving Brexit was never the problem of the last three years. The problem was politicians”

10th January 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Meghan and Harry need to understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch”

10th January 2020 Sky News “Week in Review”

7th January 2020 Free Market Conservatives “Labour has changed irrecoverably. Conservatives can’t let the public forget it”


31st December 2019 ITV “Good Morning Britain Political Review”

27th December 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on Honours, Northern Investment, and Labour Leadership. Sky Paper Preview”

24th December 2019 ITV “Good Morning Britain Political Review”

17th December 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood vs Ash Sarkar on Sky News Press Preview”

16th December 2019 Free Market Conservatives “Our Stale Groupthink Institutions Need to Change or Go”

13 December 2019 TalkRADIO “The Dan Wooton Show”

11th December 2019 BBC Radio 2 “The Jeremy Vine Show”

9th December 2019 Free Market Conservatives “Spineless So-Called Labour ‘Moderates’ Could Plunge the UK into a State of Socialist Extremism”

7th December 2019 New Culture Forum “CounterCulture: What Has Brexit Revealed About Britain? Has it broken the UK & its Institutions?”

6th December 2019 The Telegraph “Major and Blair have debased the Prime Ministerial office by fomenting political paralysis”

3rd December 2019 Free Market Conservatives “Labour’s NHS scaremongering is based on shameless lies”

29th November 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood Reviews the Political Week”

29th November 2019 Free Market Conservatives “Channel 4’s Disgraceful Conduct Last Night Shows Why Broadcasting Reform is so Necessary”

25th November 2019 BBC Radio 2 “The Jeremy Vine Show”

22nd November 2019 Sky News (Part 1) (Part 2) “Evening Paper Review”

22nd November 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

21st November 2019 The Telegraph “Why the Lib Dem implosion could change everything in this election”

19th November 2019 Free Market Conservatives “Labour have slid even further to the extreme left”

9th November 2019 Free Market Conservatives “This is the freedom election”

8th November 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

8th November 2019 The Telegraph “When it comes to the Lib Dems and lying, it’s go big or go home”

8th November 2019 BBC Radio 2 “Discussing the Impact of a Social Media Election”

6th November 2019 LBC “Discussing Phillip Hammond’s Standing Down”

2nd November 2019 Free Market Conservatives “Farage Has Made a Huge Mistake”

1st November 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

30th October 2019 The Telegraph “The Lib Dems have just gambled away Brexit for the sake of winning a few more seats”

25th October 2019 BBC Newsnight “Discussing Parliament’s Election and New Deal Dynamics”

25th October 2019 Free Market Conservatives “This is a Rotten Parliament”

25th October 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

25th October 2019 BBC Radio Wales “Discussing Labour’s Opposition to an Election”

20th October 2019 BBC Breakfast “Paper Review”

18th October 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

18th October 2019 TalkRADIO “Breakfast with Julia Hartley Brewer”

17th October 2019 Fox News Radio “Dissecting Brexit Developments”

14th October 2019 Channel 5 “Jeremy Vine Show Panelist”

11th October 2019 Glasgow University Union “Charles Kennedy Memorial Debate”

9th October 2019 BBC Radio 2 “The Jeremy Vine Show – Discussing Leave EU Graphic”

8th October 2019 The Telegraph “The intransigent EU will quickly regret killing this final chance for a Brexit deal”

7th October 2019 Sky News “Discussing Remainers Facilitating EU Intransigence”

3rd October 2019 Sky News “Discussing EU Reaction to Boris’ New Deal”

2nd October 2019 LBC “Iain Dale – Cross Question”

1st October 2019 The Telegraph “What the Conservative Party Conference lacked in MPs it made up for in defiant unity”

30th September 2019 BBC Radio 2 “Jeremy Vine Show – Discussing politicians’ personal lives”

27th September 2019 Fox News Radio “Discussing Brexit”

27th September 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

25th September 2019 BBC Breakfast “On the Return of Parliament”

20th September 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

18th September 2019 The Telegraph “The EU’s leaders are trying to humiliate Britain, not negotiate with us”

16th September 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on Brexit Negotiations, Prorogation, Lib Dems, and Philip Hammond”

13th September 2019 The Telegraph “Leavers must brace themselves for the most audacious second referendum plot yet”

10th September 2019 Sky News “Discussing Parliament’s Antics”

9th September 2019 Free Market Conservatives “The Hypocrisy of Philip Hammond”

7th September 2019 Sky News “Discussing the Week in Politics”

6th September 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

5th September 2019 The Telegraph “Labour’s bizarre general election U-turn”

5th September 2019 BBC Breakfast “Discussing Potential Election”

4th September 2019 The Telegraph “It’s time the Tories went nuclear on this flagrantly partisan Speaker”

4th September 2019 BBC Radio 2 “Discussing Parliament and Elections”

3rd September 2019 Sky News “Discussing Remainers’ Surrender Bill on Sky News”

3rd September 2019 TalkRADIO “Breakfast with Julia Hartley-Brewer”

2nd September 2019 BBC 5 Live “Sarah Brett Show”

30th August 2019 BBC Newsnight “Predictions for the Next Few Months”

28th August 2019 BBC World “Discussing Boris Johnson’s Prorogation”

28th August 2019 BBC2 “Tom Harwood on Boris’ Prorogation”

27th August 2019 Sky News “On Jeremy Corbyn’s Anti-Democratic Plans”

19th August 2019 Sky News “Yellowhammer Mythbusting”

16th August 2019 Good Morning Britain “Tom Harwood Discusses Dating and Politics”

13th August 2019 Sky News [Part 1] [Part 2] “The Kay Burley Show”

13th August 2019 TalkRADIO “Breakfast with Julia Hartley Brewer”

11th August 2019 The Telegraph “How did Michael Heseltine become the go-to Grandee Oracle on all things Brexit?”

8th August 2019 The Telegraph “Will deluded John McDonnell stop at nothing to realise his ‘October Revolution’ fantasy?”

1st August 2019 BBC News “Tom Harwood on No Deal Planning”

1st August 2019 TalkRADIO “Breakfast with Julia Hartley Brewer”

31st August 2019 TalkRADIO “James Whale Breaks the News”

30th July 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood Debates No Deal on Sky News”

28th July 2019 BBC Breakfast “Tom Harwood Reviews the Papers”

27th July 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on Boris’ Northern Powerhouse”

26th July 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Review of the Week”

25th July 2019 BBC Newsnight “How Dominic Cummings Shifts the Dial at Number 10”

25th July 2019 BBC Radio 2 “Tom Harwood on Boris’ New Cabinet”

24th July 2019 The Telegraph “This ‘Night of the Long Knives’ has Dominic Cummings’ fingerprints all over it”

23rd July 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on Boris Johnson’s Probable Premiership”

23rd July 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on Tory Leadership Announcement”

19th July 2019 BBC Newsnight “Boris Premiership Predictions”

19th July 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist, Political Week In Review”

18th July 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood vs Gina Miller on Prorogation”

17th July 2019 The Telegraph “Theresa May’s final speech as Prime Minister secured her legacy as patron saint of the soggy centre”

15th July 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist, Leadership Debate Preview”

15th July 2019 The Telegraph “Gina Miler is Back and Fooling No One”

15th July 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist, Breakfast With Alastair Stewart”

13th July 2019 BBC Breakfast “Discussing the Andrew Neil Interviews”

12th July 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Roundup of the Week”

11th July 2019 BBC Radio 4 “Discussing the Likelihood of an Early Election”

10th July 2019 TalkRADIO “Debating Brexit with Femi Oluwole”

10th July 2019 BBC 5 Live “Discussing Tory Leadership Debate”

8th July 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on So Called ‘Brexit Stockpiling'”

5th July 2019 TalkRADIO “Political Roundup of the Week”

4th July 2019 BBC 1 “Question Time”

2nd July 2019 Al Jazeera “The Next UK Prime Minister”

1st July 2019 The Telegraph “Sorry, Mr Hunt – Leavers simply can’t trust you to deliver Brexit”

30th June 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on the First Week of the Tory Leadership Race”

28th June 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The Dan Wooton Show”

21st June 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The Dan Wooton Show”

21st June 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood discusses Tory Leadership Contest”

19th June 2019 BBC Radio 4 “Tom Harwood discusses Tory Leadership Contest”

17th June 2019 TalkRADIO “Breakfast Paper Review with Julia Hartley-Brewer”

14th June 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The Dan Wooton Show”

13th June 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood discusses Tory Leadership Round One”

11th June 2019 The Telegraph “Thatcherites Should be Worried by the Rise of Rory Stewart”

11th June 2019 BBC Breakfast “Discussing the Tory Leadership Contest”

7th June 2019 TalkRADIO “Pundit- News Review”

30th May 2019 The Telegraph “Hypocritical Remainers are disturbingly obsessed with crushing Boris Johnson”

28th May 2019 Fox News Radio “Breaking Down Brexit”

27th May 2019 TalkRADIO “Responding to European Election Results”

26th May 2019 Sky News “The Conservative Party and Young People”

26th May 2019 BBC Radio 4 “Paper Review Alongside Polly Toynbee”

24th May 2019 BBC Radio London “Conservative Leadership Discussion”

24th May 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The Dan Wooton Show”

24th May 2019 Sky News “European Election and Tory Leadership Discussion”

20th May 2019 TalkRADIO “Breakfast Paper Review with Julia Hartley-Brewer”

17th May 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The Dan Wooton Show”

8th May 2019 BBC2 “Panelist – Politics Live”

6th May 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The Dan Wooton Show”

6th May 2019 Good Morning Britain “Discussing Brexit and Gavin Williamson”

4th May 2019 Sky News “Local Election Fallout Debate”

3rd May 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The John Nicolson Show”

3rd May 2019 BBC 1 “Local Election Analysis”

2nd May 2019 LBC “Panelist – Local Election Night Programme”

19th April 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – The Dan Wooton Show”

15th April 2019 TalkRADIO “Panelist – Breakfast with Julia Hartley-Brewer”

8th April 2019 LBC “Panelist – LBC Newshour with Iain Dale”

8th April 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on May-Corbyn Negotiations”

5th April 2019 TalkRADIO “News Review – The Dan Wooton Show”

4th April 2019 BBC Radio 4 World at One “Tom Harwood vs Aaron Bastani on Marxism”

4th April 2019 Sky News PodcastCan May and Corbyn broker a Brexit deal?

1st April 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood on Indicative Votes”

25th March 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood Discusses Brexit Leadership”

22nd March 2019 BBC2 “Tom Harwood Discusses Feminism on Politics Live”

22nd March 2019 BBC2 “Tom Harwood Discusses Brexit on Politics Live”

14th March 2019 BBC News “Tom Harwood Reacts to Brexit Votes”

10th March 2019 Sky News “Brexiteer MOCKS Brexit ‘apocalypse survival course'”

1st March 2019 The Spectator “The myth of the ‘millennial’ Corbyn project”

21st February 2019 BBC News “Tom Harwood Discusses TIG Defections”

21st February 2019 BBC Radio 4 “Tom Harwood Discusses Tory Leftwingery”

17th February 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood Discusses Backstop Shenanigans”

29th January 2019 Fox News “Tom Harwood on Benson and Harf”

28th January 2019 ConservativeHome “Threats to free speech on campus are no myth”

15th January 2019 Fox News “Tom Harwood Discusses Withdrawal Agreement Defeat”

15th January 2019 Sky News “Tom Harwood Discusses Amendment Votes”


17th December 2018 Daily Express “‘Don’t make me stand between you!’ Sky reporter PANICS as Remainer turns ‘NASTY'”

17th December 2018 Sky News “Reviewing Theresa May’s Commons Statement”

17th December 2018 Sky News “Preceding Theresa May’s Commons Statement”

15th December 2018 Sky News “Brexit Consensus Discussion”

13th December 2018 BBC 2 “Newsnight”

12 December 2018 Fox News Benson and Harf

10th December 2018 Sky News “Sky Paper Review”

7th December 2018 BBC 2 “Politics Live”

4th December 2018 Sky News “Tom Harwood Discusses Article 50 on Sky News”

27th November 2018 Sky News “Tom Harwood Discusses Theresa May’s Brexit Tour”

17th November Sky News “Tom Harwood Discusses Theresa May’s Position”

15th November BBC News “Tom Harwood Discusses Brexit Resignations”

10th November TalkRadio Brexit Debate

6th November “Brexit Youth Debate”

27th October TalkRadio Newspaper Review

22nd September Sky News “Tom Harwood on EU Negotiations”

12th September Sky News “Tom Harwood on May’s Leadership”

16th August Sky News “Brexit is happening, get over it!”

9th July Fox News Radio “Tom Harwood On UK’s Cabinet Resignations And What They Mean For Brexit”

21st June BBC News “Tom Harwood speaks to BBC News about Bright Brexit Opportunities”

17th June The Sunday Times “Jezflop exposes the myth of Jeremy Corbyn’s grip on youth”

8th June Guido FawkesGuy News Special Report: Remain Campaign Referendum Cheating”

14th May The Daily Express “‘We voted OUT!’ Student activist demanding new voters NEED Brexit vote DESTROYED”

13th May The Independent “Student groups with a million members back call for second Brexit referendum”

13th May LBC “Tom Harwood Calls Student Movement For 2nd Brexit Vote “Nonsense””

13th May Sky News “Tom Harwood opposes a Second EU Referendum”

4th May BBC News “Tom Harwood on the BBC’s Local Election Results programme”

30th March The Telegraph “Students no-platforming themselves is a new level of farce”

29th March LBC “Which age group has the most to gain or lose from Brexit?”

7th March The MJ “Youth vote is not the answer”

6th March The BBC “Tom Harwood’s Friday Night Takeaway”

26th February BBC News “Vote for 12 year-olds: Harwood and Preston on child suffrage”

24th February The Daily Express “Brexiteer says UK MUST leave this key EU institution or Brexit could go DISASTROUSLY wrong”

23rd February BBC Radio 4 “Any Questions?”

23rd February The Tab “Tom Harwood has been roasted in today’s Morning Star”

22nd February Palatinate “Students divided over academic strikes set to begin today”

19th February Channel 4 “Student activist Tom Harwood and NUS President Shakira Martin discuss tuition fees”

14th February BBC News “Tom Harwood discusses Boris Johnson’s ‘Liberal Brexit’ speech on BBC News”

9th February Sky News “Tom Harwood debates unpaid internships on Sky News”

8th February Palatinate “Durham academics’ strike set to cause major disruption”

1st February The Sun “These young Tory voters demand that the PM builds houses, bans fox hunting and names a date to quit – or she’ll lose a generation to Corbyn”


15th December ConservativeHome “Sending up the Left is not enough. But it’s certainly a start – and Tom Harwood is doing it effectively”

6th December Guido Fawkes “Greatest NUS Election Video Ever”

6th December Student Voices “NUS Delegate Promises Moon Base and Pledge of Allegiance in New Campaign Video”

6th December The Tab “Tom Harwood is running for NUS delegate again”

26th October The Express “REVEALED: UK universities’ anti-Brexit bias which proves MP was RIGHT to question teaching”

26th October Mail Online “How open-minded are our universities?”

4th October The Evening Standard “‘Bland’ sponsored Instagram posts from Tory party conference ridiculed online”

2nd October The Tab “The Cambridge Union line up for Michaelmas is out”

30th August ConservativeHome “Tom Harwood: Stop trying to force a Tory equivalent to Momentum to happen”

25th July Students For Liberty “The UK’s Dangerous Attempt at Internet Censorship”

16th July The Independent “Young people like me who question socialism are being silenced”

22nd May BBC Radio 4 “The Today Programme”

26th April Palatinate “Durham’s Tom Harwood finishes third in NUS presidential election”

25th April Mancunion “University of Manchester students back Tom Harwood for NUS President”

25th April The Sphinx “Could Anti-Establishment figure Tom Harwood become NUS President?”

25th April The Independent “Who is challenging the controversial NUS President Malia Bouattia?”

24th April The Telegraph “Student Tory groups swell in backlash at Left-wing activists”

22nd April The Yorker “Report from the York Union: ‘Tom Harwood: The NUS in Crisis’”

13th April University of Bath Blogs “Is it time for Tom Harwood?”

12th April The Tab “NUS officials call for Ali Milani to withdraw after he tweeted that Jews are stingy”

11th April The Spectator “Trigger warning: sensible person runs for NUS president”

10th April The Guardian “The NUS is a mess. As president, Tom Harwood could clean it up”

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-09 at 10.01.19.jpeg9th April The Times “Joker candidate bids to topple NUS head”

7th April Palatinate “In Tom Harwood, the NUS faces its own populist insurrection”

4th April Telegraph “The NUS is broken – we need a moderate candidate to fix it”

2nd April Student Voices “Tom Harwood Can Save the NUS”

27th March Mancunion “NUS presidential candidate aims to engage students with ‘anti-establishment’ agenda”

21st March Beaver Online “Tom Harwood Pledges to “Make the NUS Ever So Slightly Less Terrible””

19th March Metro “Students launch plan to abolish the monarchy at NUS conference”

15th March Campaign Against Antisemitism “Candidate to succeed Malia Bouattia says antisemitism has cost NUS its legitimacy”

15th March The Algemeiner “Candidate Running for Top Spot of UK’s Largest Student Union Slams Organization for Constant Condemnation of Israel”

13th March The Independent “NUS Presidential candidate claims the far left have hijacked the student organisation”

13th March PinkNews “Students vote to ban police from Pride”

13th March The Tab “Exclusive: Tom Harwood is running for NUS President against Malia Bouattia, Durham’s BNOC is making an even bigger name for himself”

5th March The Tab “Shawn Mendes gets into Twitter fight with Durham student”

10th February BuzzFeed “The Chinese Embassy Told Durham University’s Debating Society Not To Let This Former Miss World Contestant Speak At A Debate”

8th January StudentVoices “NUS VP Criticised for Calling BBC Sketch Mocking ISIS ‘Racist'”


20th December BBC Newsbeat “Why some people think the NUS is finished after delegate mocks it in his campaign”

19th December Huffington Post “NUS Delegate Tom Harwood Calls Union ‘An Irrelevant Student Body’ On BBC Daily Politics”

19th December BBC News “Tom Harwood elected as National Union of Students delegate”

15439890_10211685864891943_3804107846993685547_n17th December The Times “Manifesto of mockery wins student election”

6th December Huffington Post “Durham Student Tom Harwood Pledges To Defeat ISIS In Weirdest NUS Campaign Video Ever”

6th December The Independent “Durham student promises to ‘defeat Isis’ and build a 217ft statue of the NUS president”

5th December Student Voices “Durham Student Will “Defeat ISIS” and “Make Freddos 10p Again”, if Elected NUS Delegate”

5th December The Tab “A Durham student has pledged to defeat ISIS and build a 217 ft statue of Malia Bouattia”

20th September Sky News “Tom Harwood on Sky News ‘The Point'”

22nd June RTL Z “Students conduct Brexit campaign with flyers and condoms”

19th June The Washington Post “Brexit’s generational divide is a major fault line in the E.U. referendum”

IMG_4789.JPG16th June BBC Tees “Referendum Debate”

1st June Huffington Post
Young EU Campaigners Clash Over Fate Of Universities After Brexit

1st June Victoria Derbyshire Programme “Tom Harwood discusses EU funding”

26th May The National Student “Students and the EU: The key arguments affecting young people in the in/out debate”

7th April BT News “Students and the EU: The key arguments affecting young people in the in/out debate”

4th April CNN “Tom Harwood discusses the EU referendum on CNN”

CezHxneWQAE1qsY.jpg30th March The New Day How would Brexit affect the young?

16th March BBC Radio 4 “Week in Westminster”

10th March The Guardian “In or out? Students use condoms to contemplate Brexit”

7th March Al Jazeera “Discussing the EU referendum”

3rd March Huffington Post “Pro-Brexit Student Society Barred From Becoming Official Because It Has ‘Britain’ In Its Name”

22nd February The Telegraph “Better Out than In? Brexit campaigners release anti-EU condoms”

21st February BBC News “Tom Harwood on BBC News on EU Referendum”

19th February BBC Newsbeat “Condoms and kings: What’s being said about the EU”

18th February The Metro “Condoms are being used to encourage people to pull out of the EU. No really. ”

18th February BuzzFeed News “These Condoms Are Encouraging People To Pull Out Of The EU”

10th February Student Voices “EU Referendum: The Student Movements”


30th October ITV News “Student reveals fears for his economic future”

24th June The Tab “Equality now: give tweens the vote”


9th December LeadersLive “Tom Harwood vs Ed Miliband on our NHS”


24th November ITV News “YouTuber @tomhfh is going to grill political leaders about the EU at #LeadersLive.”

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